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   mary pfister

Morning Class:  10 AM to 12:30 PM     
Afternoon Class:  2:00PM to 4:30 PM

In my "open studio" classes, there is no curriculum that the entire class follows together.  Instead, each person works on projects of their own choosing, in their own style and at their own pace.  I will come to each easel for personal mentoring at least twice during each class period.  I discuss the principles of good painting both on an individual basis and through occasional short lectures (mini-lectures) and demonstrations.  The mini-lectures take place only during the 15 minute break.  Occasionally longer demonstrations may take place during the entire class period.  Most of the class time is devoted to working on individual painting projects.  Although my personal style is realism, I encourage each artist to develop his or her own personal style.

LOCATION:  Walkersville, Maryland   Please email me for directions and more information 


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general class information 

Beginning in September of 2012, I relocated my classes to my studio in Walkersville, Maryland. The small painting classes are strictly limited to 8 students due to studio size constraints. The classes are now more intimate with more individual attention, but as always they are open studio-style with mini demos and mini-lectures. The classes are held only on Tuesday, both morning and afternoon. Currently there are no evening classes.  Throughout the year there are generally four sessions of 9-11 weeks each:  spring, summer, fall and winter.  Current students are given first option to sign up for the next session.  Please inquire (240-357-4396) about current openings.  If there are none, let me know if you would like to be placed on the wait list, as openings become available from time to time.

 All art classes are for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced skill levels.   The important fundamentals of good oil painting are draftsmanship, an understanding of the principles of sound composition, the study of light and shadow, and working from life as much as possible.  The emphasis in the classes is placed on improving observational skills, artistic "seeing", painting techniques, color mixing, value recognition, and appreciation of the Old Masters as well as contemporary masters.  The basic important principles of classical oil painting or acrylic painting are provided, along with inspiration for creative and personal expression.  Study still life, landscape or portraiture in an encouraging and positive environment.  Join us!
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